It is a very difficult decision to choose which Golf Instructor you will entrust to develop your junior’s golf skills!  Juniors as well as parents all have different reasons why they enjoy the game of golf.  Everyone has different goals when playing the game.  It can be as simple as having fun, exercising, or for companionship.  Other reasons can be for the competition and personal challenge of being the best golfer you can be. Maybe taking your golf to another level in high school, college, or professional.  Surely for most, golf is a combination of some of these thoughts.

You can feel confident that your junior golfer will receive the expert knowledge that I have achieved over a lifetime of playing the game, studying the game, and teaching the game. All this while having fun!   My goal is always to make my instruction simple while applying the technical expertise and knowledge that I have acquired.

My Golf instruction philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of the game.  Grip, address, posture, these start the foundation to a great golf swing.  Working with the uniqueness of every person’s body will then determine which will be the best way for each individual to swing a golf club. 

Juniors will learn how to be confident in their ball striking, short game, bunker play, putting, course management, and pre-shot routine.  They will be encouraged to choose a positive attitude and to develop a champion’s mentality.

I  offer a unique combination of experience that not many instructors have. I have over 30 years of teaching experience, and have played golf at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels.  While reaching these levels I have won junior and amateur golf tournaments and also won over 50 professional tournaments worldwide.  Understanding what it takes to be a champion golfer I believe gives me that advantage to be the very best teacher.  How the mind and swing function under pressure allows me to have the knowledge to understand what will or will not work under duress. Additionally, I have over 20 years of club fitting experience. My extensive knowledge of golf shafts and golf ball technology gives me a second advantage while teaching my students. Applying a blend of this club fitting experience with my teaching skills gives the student the best of both worlds when it comes to proper equipment and swing technique and how they are related. 

Carson Sampl (2018)

Harmony High School, Orlando, Florida